Creating meaningful customer journeys

Creating meaningful and useful customer journeys

Our customer’s need

Building on customer relationships

It’s easy to recommend creating videos or e-blasts to help communicate a new message on an internal or external level. But why is it important to have these elements? How do they help the intended audience, and how can we show that they are working together in the right way to create a successful relationship? A client came to us looking for answers to these challenges. They were a market leader in their product but needed to justify their marketing activities and show exactly how each deployment element for a new messaging concept would assist them in keeping the competition at bay.

How we did it

Providing support along the entire deployment process

In order to show our client which marketing elements were important to their campaign, we created customer journeys which reflected the entire process a customer would go through, from discovering the product to agreeing to purchase. By conceptualizing and creating overviews of the entire deployment process we were able to show the marketing and communications representatives, and also product and sales managers, how they would be supported with our efforts. Separating the journeys into stages including initial awareness building, deeper understanding and direct and indirect support for salespeople created milestones to meet throughout the process, keeping the project on track and cultivating successful customer relationships.

The result

Creating a useful tool for the long term

Our customer journeys helped our client understand how their product would be introduced into the market, and was backed up by our own research, as well as extensive consultation with them, into what worked best within their particular niche. By providing them with evidence to back up our findings, they could see the logic behind the steps and gain a greater understanding of their market. As the deployment process continues, this roadmap has been a good point of reference and provided a bird’s eye view of what stage we are at.

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