Utilizing agile for a large event

Planning a large-scale sales kick-off using agile strategy

Our customer’s need

Juggling a corporate identity relaunch with a major event

A large international client was implementing a new corporate identity across its European sites. They asked us to create and then apply new concepts for a wide range of marketing materials – from developing color schemes and imagery, to designing templates for brochures, presentations, datasheets and more, through to defining a new tone of voice. A mammoth task! But that wasn’t all: our client wanted to launch the new look and feel at an international sales event. The venues were hired, the flights had been booked – and everything had to be ready on time. How would we stay on track, ensure everyone was working towards a common goal, and meet the tight deadline?

How we did it

Going agile!

With a project of this scale and so many people involved both on our and the client’s side, the best approach was to use agile strategy. We began with a number of scrum workshops, defining the goals and setting out important milestones along the way. We then broke down these huge tasks into smaller, more manageable parts or sprints. And we talked to each other! Daily catch-ups, aligning and realigning kept everyone on the same page and aware of how the project was developing as a whole. We set ourselves bite-sized targets and could adjust them whenever necessary. It was a dynamic process that could be flexibly molded to changing requirements and parameters.

The result

Unveiling the new corporate identity

Thanks to these agile strategies and the close contact between the two teams, all the materials were finished on time and successfully launched at the sales event. The redesign was well received by the customer and their sales partners, and everything went to plan. An agile mindset turns projects into an iterative process with new, short-term goals defined along the way.  It’s about adjusting, realigning and finding new ways to solve challenges as they occur. It makes us more responsive and adaptive to customer needs and it helps create an end result that everyone can be proud of.

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