Who we are

We are the busy bees that make up KPUNKT! We understand your marketing needs and live and breathe technology (even when we’re sleeping, eating or scoping mountain tops, amongst other things…).  Have a little scroll to find out more about what makes us tick.

Consulting team

Claus Peter Deißler
Managing Director

I’m Claus, founder and manager of KPUNKT Stuttgart office. I like the combination of receiving challenges and having fun solving them. 

Cedrick Duhamel-Flynn
Project Manager

I’m Canadian (the French type), I mix design and project management for KPUNKT, and I’m an avid ice hockey player and doting dad the rest of the time.

Stefan Geiger
Sr. Project Manager

Dedicated to helping people turn their marketing ideas into creative and inspiring deliverables. Also dedicated to running and cycling as far and as fast as I can.

Eva Hammersmidt
Project Manager

Project Manager by day, TV series junkie by night. Crazy cat lady and proud twentysomething grandma.

David Hegarty
Sr. Project Manager

It's not about language; it's about getting your message across.

Patrick Snijders
Sr. Project Manager and Account Consultant

Managing creative and effective solutions and provide hands-on project-management for events, branding, marketing-communications and advertising-related projects.

Rinske Stege
Project Manager

Life’s too short, so make it good.

Design team

Luc de Bruijn
Graphic Designer

Print enthusiast / music fanatic. Enjoys scrap wood, live bands, vintage cars and spinning vinyl. Awake in Eindhoven / dreaming of Greek islands.

Silke Daniel
Graphic Designer

Graphic and Art, that’s my fun and profession / loving sheep, garden and nature / fabric printing / family

Peter Dockal
Art Director / Graphic Designer

"For me, graphic design is about solving communication problems. In the end it helps people understand things easier and better.“

Robbert van Geesink
Graphic Designer / UI Designer

Passion for graphic and web design, food and snowboarding. Should have been born in a mountainous country with tons of snow.

Martijn Grommen
Communications Strategist

I take on the long view in our commitment to deliver content that meets your goals.

Sander Nijssen
Design operations manager

Passionate, tech savvy and data driven design extraordinaire. Mountain bike enthusiast. Loves to automate stuff. 

Monique Ravensburg
Video editor - Multimedia Designer

Gets rather engrossed in creating things – especially when a good cup of coffee is on hand.

Content team

Vanessa Cisz
Copywriter / Content Creator

Connecting tech brands and people through strategy & stories. Committed to changing the way German B2B brands do content & digital marketing.

Anna Gentle
Copywriter / Content Creator

A Brit with a European heart, I write and read both in the office and out. If not, I’m travelling, walking or running, mostly with pooch Paolo.

James Randle
Copywriter / Content Creator

Content creator/copywriter, linguist, Southampton fan. Find me exploring Europe or eating Maultaschen and Spätzle ‘im Ländle’.

Stephanie Shum
Copywriter / Content Creator

I love untangling complex technology topics for various, but especially medical audiences. Media, film & music mad. From Aotearoa New Zealand.

Office team

Ellen Clement
Office Support

Office support in Eindhoven | Travel | Music | Books | Cats

Sabine Feil
Office Support

Office support

Peter Knapp

Mr. Excel and master of numbers. Addicted to Ofenschlupfer, biking, climbing, hiking, skiing, drumming and loving his wife and three kids.

Ingrid Schuler
Office Support

Based in Andover, MA, USA| Office support | managing projects| The rest of the time I am passionate for Sport, reading and of course my family.

Office dog

Originally from Spain, I now take my siestas in the Stuttgart office. In between naps, I enjoy eating, playing and chasing anything that moves.

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