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Recently, we engaged in a frank discussion with one of our B2B clients. They were unsure of the value of embarking on a video marketing campaign. We explained that video, as a medium, has the ability to take complex ideas and turn them into easily digestible soundbites. Said client, however, was unconvinced.

At the time, they believed that video was an expensive resource which would only be watched by competitors. Their past videos had not been effective uploaded to YouTube or social media. A few hundred views were all they could hope for and all of this effort didn’t seem to lead to any clear ROI.

But the landscape of video production is changing. While video used to be able to interrupt people’s experiences, and occur in one simple-to-access place (i.e. TV), video now has to be part of an experience on countless platforms and devices. If it doesn’t retain the viewer’s attention span, they can simply choose to scroll down, or change platforms.

Video marketing is evolving for the digital world

And what are audiences looking to experience within digital? They want to be entertained, discover new and interesting things, and learn. If you are producing a video as part of your digital marketing strategy, what worked 10 years ago won’t work now. Videos need to:

  • Hook the viewer within 3 seconds. Whether it’s asking a provocative question, giving a taste of brilliant visuals to come or showing a scene with just enough detail to make you question what is going on, those first few seconds are crucial.
  • Create an emotional connection. It’s not about showing the product anymore; the most successful formula will entertain your audience, tell a valuable story, and then add ‘by the way, we sell product x’ at the end. When viewers are hooked by something they’re interested in, they’re more likely to be open to purchase. Check out these examples of how emotional videos can work in B2B marketing.
  • Be set up for the right platforms. If it doesn’t work on mobile, don’t do it. Utilize the Facebook video platform rather than just posting from YouTube. Set it up to play automatically on your website in the corner so people can’t just scroll past without noticing.

While our client was unconvinced that their existing video content was bringing the desired ROI, it became apparent that their underperforming video hadn’t been optimized for current marketing trends.

Changing the content to make the platform work for you

Consequently, we were able to create video marketing campaign which formed an emotional connection on a complex topic and fitted into every part of the customer journey, even within the offline sphere. This included providing a tool for salespeople seeking a conversion, and increasing interest in the product through Google search.

By creating a strong connection between marketing and sales, and choosing the right platforms to show video, performance could be closely measured and analyzed. This data was crucial when evaluating the success and effect of the entire customer journey. Based on this information, we worked together with the client to produce an experience which enabled audiences to quickly understand how the product could improve their lives.

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