Summer training sessions: Digital marketing trends to watch

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In Germany and the Netherlands, many people use the summer months as a chance to recharge their batteries, enjoy the sun and head for the nearest beach, lake or mountaintop.

But in between the cocktails, hiking, snorkeling and other holiday activities, some KPUNKT team members also used the time to develop their skills, push their creative limits and find fresh ideas in an ever-changing marketing landscape.

Our content creator Vanessa Keller was one such example. She went to London for two days to attend #DMWFexpo Global, where brands, agencies and digital marketing experts discussed where digital stands, where it’s going and how we can take advantage of the latest technology within our marketing deliverables.

Here were 5 key takeaways from the conference that she saw as key to consulting clients on their digital strategy:

Mapping customer journeys leads to success

By creating the right customer journey, and one that suits your industry and product, we can include the digital elements in the right places –  so rather than just collecting likes and followers, posts lead to real conversions and money changing hands.

Here’s an example of a customer journey we created to help our client introduce a new brand.

Social has grown up

Trying to get followers and likes organically on social at the beginning of your strategy doesn’t work anymore. When you invest in social, you’re going to need both time and money to gain followers who you can convert into a purchase. Facebook is leading the way in monetizing platform and helping brands connect with the right customers, but other platforms such as Instagram are catching up.

Be part of the experience, don’t interrupt it

Native advertising, collaboration, influencer marketing… they’re all about inserting products into customer’s lives rather than interrupting them. We no longer expect people to watch ads, or to click on sponsored content with product details. Attention spans aren’t long enough for that – and with so many platforms on offer, audiences switch off fast. Whether it’s bite-sized content, targeted social content marketing or awareness-building, advertising needs to appear as part of the content on a digital platform, rather than creating a pause from it.

Video is the king of content

Video is the medium where engagement is strongest, and online and social platforms are taking full advantage of this. Rather than merely including a YouTube video as part of your campaign, your video content should be front and center and fully optimized for the platform it’s being shown on. It needs to be viewable without sound, and it should provide audiences with entertaining content that creates an emotional connection. Video is the best way to connect audiences with content right now, and it’s only going to get bigger.

Check out some of our video creations to see what we’ve done for clients in the past!

Take your user-driven content digital

Traditionally, a customer story was seen as the best user-driven content in B2B environments. Now, thanks to influencers and social platforms, we can cut out the middle man and create a direct link between satisfied customers with potential ones. Getting in contact with influencers and creating a community that can promote your product means a lot of the work is done for you, and in turn potential customers trust the word of those they look up to. Review sites and forums are also a great way to showcase the positives of your product, and together we can analyse and assess which ones are relevant for your market.

Are you looking to get your digital marketing plan in order? In need of a particular deliverable to really take your campaign to the next level? Get in touch with us and find out how we can help! 

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