Summer training sessions take two – different perspectives with a documentary course

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Despite the autumn sunshine we’ve been seeing in Stuttgart and Eindhoven lately, we’re pretty sure the summer is over – and that means knuckling down for one of our busiest periods. But while we all used our vacations to give our brains a rest and recharge the batteries, we also spent some time skilling up for the new season.

You may have already read about content creator Vanessa Keller’s experiences learning more about digital marketing. While she was busy in London, video editor Monique Ravensburg was in another European hotspot, Amsterdam, gaining insights into documentary making. We asked her to share her findings.

Monique, tell us a little about the course.

When you make a documentary, you’re faced with so many choices. Do you want to be a fly on the wall and let your subjects guide the action? Or is it better to direct the reality yourself? Will you include interviews or narration or both? How will you combine all the elements and footage to tell a coherent story? The CREA Summer Course was designed to show participants what options are available and help them answer these all-important questions.

What form did the course take?

It was a week-long course with a very hands-on approach. We learnt about different ways to use the camera, interview techniques, and assembling and editing footage. The ultimate aim was to apply our new skills and create a short documentary film. We were given a broad theme to work with: “Amsterdam – a city with many faces” – but the rest was up to our imaginations!

How did you approach it?

I began by thinking about the identity of the city. What makes Amsterdam unique? What places and people can help me tell its story? Then I thought about which documentary style best fits my ideas. The subject I chose was a brewery in Amsterdam. I wanted to capture something of its unique history and combine that with the thoughts and opinions of the people behind it all. The result is a short film in Dutch that you can watch here.

Here is the video Monique produced on her training course. It’s in Dutch, but the atmosphere and style transcend all languages!

#thinkglobaldrinklocal Met veel dank aan Monique Ravensburg & Ynske van Walderveen * CREA Zomercursus 2017 🎥

Gepostet von Brouwerij Poesiat & Kater am Montag, 21. August 2017

How do you think you can apply your new skills to your work at KPUNKT?

Documentary is the ideal medium to convey fact but to give it personal, human edge. It gives you freedoms that you don’t have in other forms of marketing like animations or in written materials. You can give real people a platform to tell their story so it’s a very emotional and authentic way to communicate.

What sort of projects do you have in mind?

The obvious choice is testimonials where you can really let customers share their own experiences in their own words. A documentary style brings products or services to life and adds real value. You can incorporate defined marketing messaging but intersperse it with interview snippets showing how the product makes a difference. Or you can take a more fly-on-the-wall approach and follow someone going about their work demonstrating how a particular technology or healthcare solution helps them. There are lots of possibilities. I’m looking forward to putting what I learnt in the summer into practice in a marketing context!

Thank you, Monique!

If you’re interested in creating a video with more of an authentic and emotional feel, get in touch and let’s talk.

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