14 ways to get your healthcare storytelling on point

How can storytelling and healthcare marketing work together to connect with audiences? Find out below.

The importance of storytelling is constantly growing in healthcare marketing, and for good reason. Across all industries, it’s clear to see that when marketers tell good stories, people get more involved and associate much more positively with brands. They become more aware, they convert into purchasers and they stay loyal. And of all the industries out there, healthcare has some of the most interesting stories to tell.

One of our regular clients has experienced fast growth within their company, but is yet to establish a compelling brand story; one that’s consistent across their different media and that fully reflects their overall marketing and communications strategy.

So how do you start from the beginning with your brand and develop a story your customers will find inspiring? We compiled just a few tips we’ve learned over the years:

  1. Look around: healthcare is a big topic globally right now, and the main talking points center around costs, rates of sickness and the need for more efficient care. How does your product help alleviate these wider issues?
  2. Consider the challenges that caregivers face on a day-to-day basis, and think about what they need to help them achieve their objectives.
  3. Don’t lose sight of the patients; this is easily said and often forgotten. It is sometimes easy to get lost in the features of a product – and in doing so, to forget that hospitals need to know how it will affect their patients’ wellbeing. Find out more about focusing on the value of a product here.
  4. Develop a content marketing funnel. Don’t give all of your content away for nothing; instead, create a hierarchy where people can access a ‘hook’ for free and need to provide something, such as their email address, to find out more.
  5. Think about more than the product alone. Do you want to be a thought leader in the area of your product? Aim your content towards the broader topic you want to be remembered for rather than just telling the product’s story.
  6. Utilize social – social media is full of young doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who would love to know how their job can be made easier. Get involved in online communities and find the audience that needs your solutions, and you will uncover authentic stories to tell in your content.
  7. Think about ways to create content outside of traditional deliverables. In your field, brochures may be the go-to method for presenting content, but what if your potential customers don’t read them? Weigh up which deliverables would make the greatest impact, and then consider how your brand story can fit into that.
  8. Talk to your customer service representatives; they have their finger on the pulse of your customers, and will have good knowledge of their needs, preferences and concerns. What’s more, they’ll be able to tell you where your brand could really make a difference.
  9. Look into the history of your product – go right back to its origins. What are the foundations of the name? Who invented it? Why was it created in the first place? Healthcare has changed so much in a short space of time, so this story is bound to be an interesting one.
  10. Organize a workshop. This will give your team the chance to take time out of their schedules and meet to create a story that will truly resonate. By working together to build a story that inspires passion for your healthcare brand, you’ll give your sales teams the ability to tell the story with confidence and conviction. If you’re interested in organizing a workshop to achieve these goals with us, contact us here.
  11. Consider what you’re passionate about when you talk about work. Why do you like your job? Is it because you can help people? Because the technology is really interesting and dynamic? Because in healthcare you know you’re making a difference? The chances are that others will feel the same way. Make priorities of your passions within your job and create the story accordingly.
  12. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. This shouldn’t drive your own brand story, but it’s good to see what they’re concentrating on. Is it features or benefits? What are the main stories they tell? And how do their stories make you feel? It’s a good chance to see how you, as an expert in the healthcare industry, react to a fully developed brand style.
  13. Strip back the marketing jargon. If you tell a story that’s full of buzzwords and has been told a thousand times before, you’ll lose your audience quickly. Healthcare and innovative technology are fascinating topics; don’t take away their spark with clichés!
  14. Create a message which is authentic from the start. If you’re trying to craft something which doesn’t fit with the values of you or your team, and isn’t completely aligned with the brand and product, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

We work with a number of clients to develop their brand story, making sure their values and principles are reflected in their core marketing message. Contact us to find out how you can do all of this and more – or to learn more about our work within the healthcare industry.

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