B2B buyers are people too.

Does your SEO engage with them that way?

Much of the conversation about search engine optimization (SEO) today focuses on tweaking technical components. Code, algorithm updates, sitemaps. Your content needs to be found. But what about the B2B buyers finding it?

That’s why our content creator Vanessa Cisz was so excited to attend the “2018 Content & SEO Predictions” webinar presented by the one and only Content Marketing Institute in early January. In it, guest speaker Seth Besmertnik at Conductor described a paradigm shift for SEO: “from speaking to computers to speaking to people.” This is especially good news for B2B marketing. For too long, B2B buyers haven’t been regarded as real people. Think dry, unemotional stakeholders driven solely by rational considerations.

Besmertnik and fellow guest Wil Reynolds at Seer argue that this year, SEO is poised to change that stereotype and the content created for B2B buyers. The right SEO strategy will look beyond technical tactics to deliver content that is valuable, unique and insightful to the audiences who matter. At KPUNKT, we know when content is valuable, unique and insightful, it’s much more likely to resonate with B2B buyers and influence their decisions.

Technology alone won’t win the day

Let’s start with your product portfolio. What’s pioneering today will be standard just a few years from now. Of course you have to keep innovating, but concentrating exclusively about your technological breakthroughs isn’t a sustainable communications strategy. When competitors copy your product features, where does that leave you?

Addressing only the technical aspects of your search efforts will limit you, too. Let’s be clear: Technical optimization, such as descriptions, keyword density, links and designing for all devices and browsers, is the absolute minimum of what you should be doing to help search engines and B2B buyers find you. But as Besmertnik says, “… [at some point] there is nothing left on the tech side to optimize.”

What’s next? Build SEO into your content marketing work to deliver value to customers.

SEO as part of your marketing toolkit

Good marketing is about listening, learning and solving problems. SEO can help you at every stage.


Build SEO into your content

When you integrate SEO into your content from the outset, you gain a broader understanding of the kinds of information your B2B buyers want to consume and engage with. These audiences will see your content as useful and relevant – and that’s what Google ranks.

SEO insights can also help your content stand out from the competition. Unlike B2C, traditional marketing collateral continues to hold strong in B2B marketing. Use what you know of how, when, and where your B2B buyers are searching to tailor your content to the right media and channels. It’s an excellent opportunity to create unique marketing materials that draw in potential customers and cement the loyalty of existing ones.

Put SEO to work

We recently assisted a medical technology customer with helping an entirely new – and niche – audience learn about one of the company’s existing mobile fluoroscopy systems. In addition to print communications, we wrote a blog post directed at these specific B2B buyers, complete with researched keywords, eye-catching clinical images and a variety of viewpoints not captured in the leave-behind customer story. The technical optimization made sure search engines could find the post, but it’s the SEO-driven content that helps gastroenterologists make the choice for the right system.

Questions about the stages we outlined above – or the tools you can use to reach B2B buyers? To learn more about integrating SEO into your marketing practice, get in touch today.

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