Messaging concept

Messaging concept

Our client’s challenge

A naming concept to fulfill multiple criteria

What’s in a name? A lot more than it seems, especially when it comes to healthcare branding. A new healthcare technology client approached us to help design a naming concept, with the goal of creating consistency within their service branding across multiple European markets. The new name needed to resonate with audiences across different languages and cultures, while remaining simple, clear and unique. It had to be able to stand alone, and yet leave room for storytelling elements to develop alongside it.

It was a project that would result in the Europe market taking on a new brand for their service portfolios – a brand that would be adopted for the long-term. The risk of choosing a naming concept with the wrong meaning in one country, or something that didn’t resonate well with the sales teams who would be using the name, was high.

How we solved it

From creativity to consultation

After coming together as a team, our designers, project managers and copywriters all brainstormed names that could fit. We considered all possible approaches, from conventional service synonyms to abstract ideas and visual representations. After researching competitors and trends, and compiling our findings, we found a name with a clear connection to the company’s heritage, which told a unique and compelling story.

However, this was just the start of the journey. Next, we developed a deployment plan to roll out the concept within the different countries. We tested new names with subsidiaries throughout Europe and in different languages, and compared different styles to gain a clear overview of the relevant stakeholders’ needs.

We prepared presentations for the marketing and communications managers and created visual concepts which helped tell the story behind the name. We supported them every step of the way with ongoing consultation and advice as they took the concept from the local product managers through to top-level executives.

The outcome

Different stakeholders finding a common goal

We were able to provide our client with the tools they needed to come together from multiple viewpoints and find a common goal for their new naming concept. After a three-month process of consultation, content and design creation, the concept was formally approved, paving the way for roll-out to start immediately. The client also requested our help to create the deployment elements.

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