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Reaching a new market using SEO

Our customer’s need

Reaching a new market

One of our healthcare technology clients approached us about capitalizing on recent market insight. By observing changes in how a particular gastroenterology exam is conducted, our client identified a new – and niche – market for its existing mobile fluoroscopy system. This opportunity wasn’t without its challenges. For starters, there were no new features or updates to highlight. Our client’s marketing team also wanted to recognize the role of the sales force within a digital-first organization. How would we position the system as a solution to specific needs – and support the sales force at a time when so much of the customer’s decision-making process is done before ever contacting a vendor?

How we did it

Reaching a new market

Reaching a new market The best solution followed the customer journey, online and offline. We began by taking advantage of our client’s existing resource hub to write a blog post aimed at prospective gastroenterology customers. The post offered tips, for example, on how to evaluate a system. It also included detailed case studies with supporting clinical images. Even more important: We used targeted keywords as part of a larger search strategy to drive the story’s flow and content and help search engines display the post to the gastroenterologists looking for it. We also wrote and produced a customer story available for download on the post. It provided an additional perspective from a key influencer using the system.

The result

Keeping prospective customers in the loop

The blog post and customer story proved useful to prospective customers as well as our client’s sales force. The right audience of gastroenterologists can quickly find content that addresses real challenges. While online, these clinicians can download the story for additional insight – and keep engaging with the brand. The sales force can offer the story as a “leave-behind.” Readers learn about the experience of a European Fellow of Gastroenterology and are encouraged to see the system at a reference site. This thoughtful approach to content balances the need to be found with other marketing objectives, such as connecting with audiences and building trust.

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