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A powerful online resource for customers and sales teams alike

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Our customer’s need

A one-stop shop for products and clinical information

Our client, a major technology player, offers a broad portfolio of high-quality consumable supplies for healthcare environments. When they approached us, their goal was to generate greater customer awareness for these products, their applications and their benefits.

Our solution needed to address two particular priorities. First, it had to allow customers to search for products – either a specific product they already know, details on elements within a product family, or supplies for a product they already have. Second, it needed to allow sales teams to show customers how these products deliver added value and benefits, not just features.

In addition, the client’s internal sales force required a consolidated resource of information on these products and topics – both for internal reference and for external interactions with existing and potential customers.

The task was clear: develop a solution that would forge strong connections between the products themselves, the people who sell them and the customers who use them.

How we did it

Support at every step

To address these needs, we proposed, designed and developed a microsite that would give sales teams a powerful resource to share with customers. The site combines in-depth product information with engaging, informative multimedia content, such as webinars, brochures, and useful external links. As an online resource, the website draws hits and interest from inquisitive readers across the globe – opening the door for potential customer acquisitions.

This project involved close collaboration with the client at every stage, with copywriters, designers and IT specialists providing input for all aspects of the website – from initial design concepts to polished, published content. The project scope also included the development of a backend solution for an online Supplies Finder that would simplify the task of searching for specific products.

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The result

Real value – for everyone

The microsite allows the client to demonstrate the value of supplies in context, provides quick, easy access to product details and helps to enable sales. Both customers and sales teams visit the site to find valuable clinical information and products. Online content is updated regularly, providing visitors with ample incentive to come back for more. In short, the microsite has allowed the client to shift its customer conversations away from pure features, and towards how these supplies create genuine value.

3 years since the launch of the site, we are continuing to update it regularly, and currently there are 1,000+ products in the Supplies Finder. The site averages 3,000 site visits per month.

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