Addressing key healthcare stakeholders

Addressing key healthcare stakeholders

Creating content that addresses key healthcare stakeholders

Our client’s challenge
Tailoring persuasive sales to the right audiences

A major international client aimed to provide its sales teams with compelling materials that would help them to promote the company’s high-quality consumable supplies for healthcare environments. As part of this process, there was a clear need to tailor content to specific profiles. A clinician, for example, might be attracted to supplies which are easy and quick to use. By contrast, a hospital administrator would place greater importance on financial aspects, such as the ability to maximize return on investment, or the prospect of purchasing all supplies from a single source. When creating deliverables for this client, how could we ensure that the right content was geared towards the right stakeholders?

How we solved it
Creating clearly-defined personas

The first task was to sit down with the client to understand exactly which audiences they wanted to reach within the healthcare context. What would be the priorities for a purchaser, a biomedical engineer or a nurse, for instance – and how could the client’s supplies address their individual needs? Together with the client, we developed ‘personas’ that corresponded to each relevant role. Then, we began creating modular content assets, such as sales presentations, that could easily be adapted to suit each audience.

The outcome
Modular content that hits the spot

The client’s sales teams benefit from highly modular content resources that support them in their conversations with prospective customers. The sales tool’s flexible structure empowers sales teams to select exactly which content to display. Consequently, they can deliver a powerful sales presentation that provides effective answers to its audience’s key questions. Our consultative approach played a key role in the process; by working hand-in-hand with our client, we were able to build a strong platform for the client’s supplies sales activities.


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11 September 2017

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