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Over the years, we have amassed quite the portfolio. We’ve loved coming up with creative ways to unite technology and marketing – from integrated digital marketing campaigns, to messaging and visual concepts, to event support. Working alongside you, we’ve been able to make the impossible possible.

Utilizing agile for a large event

When tasked with planning a large-scale sales kick-off, agile management kept things on track and we produced the results our client needed to get their sales teams motivated.

Creating meaningful customer journeys

A healthcare technology client of ours required a deployment plan for a new concept they were putting into the market. Together, we created a unique customer journey which suited their channels, brand and product.

Addressing key healthcare stakeholders

Marketing materials within complex healthcare environments need to address different stakeholders. A clinician, for example, might be attracted to products which are easy and quick to use. By contrast, a hospital administrator would place greater importance on financial aspects. So how could we help sales teams apply this knowledge to specific products?

The true value of supplies

High-quality consumable supplies for the healthcare environment; how do you create a strong message, tell an interesting story and get customers to understand the true value of these products? We created an online campaign to tackle this challenge.

Delivering the right content at the right time and in the right place

What’s more important: reaching a big audience – or the right one? Discover how we helped our client reach a new market with the right balance of SEO, story and medium.

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