How we work

At KPUNKT our assets aren’t only what we deliver, but the people who work for us. Our colleagues come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, because we believe that diversity can bring rich ideas and perspectives to our organization.

We understand that ground-breaking campaigns need more than just a delivery guy; this line of work is about so much more for us. It’s about working proactively hand in hand with you, managing your varying structures, and pushing the envelope together to really make your project pop.

We like to strike a balance between your long-term vision and the short-term goals that will help you get there. Buzzwords are great, but we’re more interested in what makes audiences tick, to connect with them in a way that will help them live their lives, and complete their work, just a little bit better.

Things that make us happy

Getting to know you better

We make sure we learn all the ins and outs of your product and company before we embark on a marketing campaign together. When we know how your structures and stakeholders work, we can form a plan of action that will lead to success.

Flexing our marketing methodology muscles

We love to apply different management methodologies to help you find the best way to handle projects. If you’re happy, we’re happy, and whether you need structured target-driven management or a more agile approach, we can provide the right consultation.

Creating well-balanced integrated campaigns

When we started this business 20 years ago, Facebook was little more than a seed in Mark Zuckerberg’s mind. We’ve loved watching marketing grow and evolve with the digital world and social media, and are proud to offer a mixture of experts who work together to create relatable and modern integrated campaigns.

Composing content that turns heads

Our content creators know their jobs are about more than putting pen to paper; they devise cutting-edge ideas and turn them into meaningful stories. With native English speakers from around the world on our team, we offer perspectives to suit every need.

Making the world a nicer place with our designs

While our content creators are putting together beautiful stories, our design team create visuals that say a thousand words. Their eye for good design drives us to develop campaigns that keep our clients coming back, and they help us understand that sometimes white space can be a good thing!

KPUNKT Eindhoven
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5617 BC Eindhoven
The Netherlands
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KPUNKT Stuttgart
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